About Claudia

I have been providing organizational services in the DC Metro area for over 23 years. As one of the original members of NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers), I have helped individuals as well as businesses with time management, clutter control, paper and file management, financial organization, and basic organization for home and office, teaching basic organizational skills, as well as a variety of other services.

Much of my work deals with getting clients organized in their homes, workplaces, finances, individual time management, and their lives. Teaching them the skills, routines, and methods to keep themselves organized and on track.

I first began organizing professionally when my husband told me that even with three young children our house was “too” organized, and suggested that I take my natural skills to people who need help tackling the challenges of clutter and organization. Over the last 18 years, I have been able to take these skills and help a variety of clients throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

I have a B.A. in English and Theatre, acted professionally, and then moved to television and news production, with the many time-sensitive logistical challenges that poses. I was pretty organized before that, but managing the production of breaking news pieces with correspondents all over the world for CBS News brought me to a new level. I have three children, now all out of the house, and I have lived in the DC metro area virtually all of my life.

I know from experience what a huge relief it is for clients to look around and not feel suffocated by their belongings. I am easy to work with. I am non-judgmental. I assess each client’s needs and issues and design approaches that deal with the problems at hand. I develop methods and routines to keep the client organized and on track when the project is over. I have had many clients keep me working with them for years because they are too busy or overwhelmed to handle all the things that life throws at them.