After a project is complete, my clients are often kind enough to share some feedback on our working relationship. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

“YES, work with Claudia!
Claudia and her teammate Susan helped us out when we relocated from New York to Virginia with unpacking, putting away and organizing. She was utterly invaluable and beyond what I could have expected. Her sense of prioritization, of what spaces, tasks, and items to tackle first was incredible. We needed to get our new place baby safe for a toddler ASAP and not only did she make that happen swiftly, she was able to envision where furniture could go that would be simplest and most convenient for us to have. All this while breaking down boxes, un-wrapping bubble pack, folding clothes, moving furnishings, and sharing information about our new neighborhood. She even got us in touch with a handyman in a matter of hours for mounting the TV and securing bookcases! Her kindness, common sense, and (hard!) labor organizing was exactly what we needed to help us hit the ground running in our new home. Do yourself a favor, bring Claudia in to help you too!”

-Emily Miranker

"OMG. If you need organizational help, get hold of Claudia NOW. You don't even have to live in the same town, and in fact, we live in entirely different states. We met through mutual friends, and once we started talking about organization, storage options, best practices, etc., we couldn't stop. I have gotten consultations from Claudia via text, phone, and in person. She knows her stuff...and how to organize it!"

-Katie Davis

"Moving every 3 or 4 years gave me the opportunity to eliminate and organize. When I found myself in the same home for 15 years, I needed help. Claudia was prompt, efficient, and most of all delightful company as we worked to reduce and purge papers from the past. I would definitely recommend Claudia to anyone seeking to organize and declutter."

-Jatrice Martel Gaiter

"We have been working with Claudia for over a year now and she has helped transform our lives. Her dedication, hard work ethic and commitment to a better quality of life for our family has made organizing a journey rather than a chore.

She is flexible, resourceful, enthusiastic and devoted to helping us reach our goal. We are so happy to have found Claudia!"

-Jenn Delaney and Judy Potter

"When my mother passed away a number of years ago, I was appointed as the executor of her Estate. The Organizer was essential in assisting me in getting her complicated estate in shape. This included a wide variety of duties. I am an attorney with a very busy law practice and have a full family life. I had peace of mind knowing that the Organizer was there with me every step of the way and backstopped me with all the detail work. I worked with the Organizer for several years and Claudia Taskier was very easy to work with."

-Andrew Loewinger

"I started working with Claudia Taskier about 10 years ago. I had reached a point where my paperwork was in piles on the floor and I couldn’t find what I needed to file my taxes. I was working as an economist and the mother of a small child. I was depressed and more disorganized than I had ever been before. I knew I needed help, but could barely decide what to do about it.

I contacted several organizers whose information I found through an internet connection. Several of them contacted me and I said that I would get back to them, but of course I didn’t, because it was just too overwhelming to keep track. One of them, Claudia, called me back and we made an appointment for an evaluation of my situation.

That is not the happily ever after ending of this story. My issues did not magically disappear. I was still depressed and overwhelmed. But now I had an ally and a plan. We went through all the paper together. We devised a system to keep track of important information and get rid of things that were no longer necessary, like bank information from 10 years previous. I bought a new filing cabinet to keep my current files in and put the things I did need to keep into the old metal filing cabinet I had in the basement and out of the way.

We tackled the mess in the closets. Lots of stuff got donated to charity. We moved the computer out of the bedroom and put it into a space downstairs that my daughter was no longer using for toys, because she had out grown them. The bills got paid on time. We lived in the spaces we had reclaimed from the chaos.

My daughter was diagnosed with a learning disorder and attention deficit disorder. We hired tutors to help her with her reading and math skills and Claudia started helping her organize her studies and homework. She worked out a system for keeping track of her schoolwork and planning projects. My daughters reading tutor retired and Claudia began to help her with her papers. Eventually she helped my daughter apply to college. She is a junior now. Claudia has had a huge impact on my family. She has been a trusted advisor for many years and I am happy to call her my friend."

Susan Den Herder

"Working with Claudia is efficient, effective and fun! Her patience filing and following-up on tedious health care claims, business expense reimbursement forms, and handling other household admin that I have no time for, has earned me thousands and thousands of dollars that I wouldn't otherwise have seen. She more than pays for herself."

-Eleanor Bedford

"I'm pretty organized and a bit of a control freak ... up to a point, and then I lose interest. So, I have some piles, I don't organize or archive all my new or old paper (there's some paper I can't throw away), and I'm not very good at maintaining working things like refrigerators, ovens, and heating/AC systems (I let them break before I pay attention).

So, I needed someone who would work with me within my parameters -- not try to hyper-organize things beyond what I felt was needed, not try to make me or my life something they're not and don't need to be. Instead, I needed someone who would focus on those particular areas where I am least effective and who would improve them so that they're in line with my more general level of semi-organization and semi-control.

Over ten years ago, I talked to several "organizers" and concluded that Claudia was the right person. She was and still is! Claudia has been great working with me and with others in my life -- contractors, vendors, repair people, service people -- all in line with my parameters.

I talk, Claudia listens, she suggests, we discuss, I talk, she listens, we discuss some more, I decide, and then she gets it done. And we have a good time doing whatever needs to get done! If something requires urgency, she acts with urgency. If something needs to be done this way or that, she makes sure it's done this way or that. If something needs to be done over the next week or month, she get it done within a reasonable amount of time. And she asks questions and makes good adjustments if surprises arise or if problems or options come up that we haven't discussed.

I'm sure that Claudia is very effective with all sorts of people, particularly with people who need a lot more help than I do organizing their lives and things.

And I'm very happy to highly recommend her also for people who don't think of themselves as needing -- and don't need -- a lot of help in a wide range of areas and who don't want to cede control of many specifics. She's helped me tons in several particular areas, made them run at a level in line with other aspects of my life, and as a result these areas, activities, and things are much better organized ... and my life flows much more easily!

Thank you Claudia!"

-Harry Conaway